Who We Are 

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Using the latest media tools, we (City Quests Media) craft shows and games about history to entertain and educate.  Our debut 360 dome showing of  Stoney Jack's Secret London (25 mins) will invite audiences  to explore the physical City further with a mixed/augmented reality app trail and hunt.


CORE TEAM includes illustrator-visionary Finlay Cowan, award-winning composer 3D sound designer Martyn Ware and London’s favourite writer-historian David Long.  On management, founder  Natasha Seery with partners Andrew Fox, Luke Beauchamp, David Lewis and Dan Licari work to make it happen.  Director Wayne Holloway and screenwriter Jim Hart join the core team to bring Stoney Jack to the world stage with his first adventure in time. Move over Indiana!


Cinematographer. Composer. Storytellers. 


Writer, Director and Creative Director, working for brands such as Adidas, Samsung, Ford, as well as developing content strategies for Copa90, including partnerships with Etihad/Manchester City football Club ‘Global City fans’ web series, Hyundai Football fan film Fund and Nissan ‘Away days’ web series. His first movie ‘Snake and Mongoose’ 2015 and is currently in development for ‘The Canal’ which shoots 2019.


MARTYN WARE - Composer 

Recent 3D sound clients include British Council, V+A, Royal Ballet, Tate Britain, Museum of London, Royal Observatory at Greenwich, BAFTA.  Founding member of the Human League, Heaven 17. Featured over 50 million sales worldwide. Fellow of the RCA and Creative Director for the world’s leading sound branding agency, Sonic-ID.

JIM HART - Screenwriter 

Best known for Contact (Zemeckis), Bram Stoker's Dracula (Francis Ford Coppola), Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Sahara and Spielberg Hook (Steven Spielberg). His focus on adventure and fantasy fare also includes Muppet Treasure Island, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life and Epic.


DAVID LONG - Writer/Historian

Over 40 published titles including: Bizarre London, London’s Strangest Places, Diary of a Time Traveller, Spectacular Vernacular, The Little Book of the London Underground, Tunnels Towers and Temples. London’s Most Extraordinary Buildings,  History of London in 100 Places.

Supported by the Corporation of London, Enterprise England, Tate Modern, the Museum of London, the award-winning team behind this progressive and new virtual reality style experience for citizens and tourists will be unmissable family show with it's 3d immersive sound and wraparound panoramic 180 and 360 film designed by Martyn Ware from Human League and Heaven 17, a magic script by  legendary Hollywood Screenwriter Jim Hart (a favourite with Spielberg, Scorcese et al) with David Long Engish author and historian. These shows are like 'having Pink Floyd in your back yard'  cool vintage film mixed virtual and augmented reality AR MR VR time out art music weekend vibe. In the show you'll visit underground and mainstream attractions including  St Paul's  Cathedral, the Tower of London, St Bartholomew The Great church, Blackfriars, Guildhall crypt, Denis Severs House, livery company Worshipful company of Apothecaries, and more.