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Stoney Jack City Trailer
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George Fabian Lawrence (1861-1939) AKA "Stoney Jack" was Director of Excavations at the London Museum, credited with unearthing the ‘Cheapside Hoard’ -  which is to this day, the most priceless collection of Elizabethan jewellery and worldwide treasures ever found.

In STONEY JACK'S SECRET LONDON, Stoney spirits the audience back through the City’s timeline to meet citizens, inventors, artists and legends who might have owned the treasures, in a lucid live-action 20 minute adventure in 360 film.

Lesser known heroes like John Stow and Joseph Bazalgatte will share limelight with Wren, Shakespeare and Dickens. The original 'femme fatale' of Greyfriars offers insights on medieval palace politics and a fiercely fought tennis rally between Henry VIII and the Pope sets the stage for a lineup of wives. Doctor Dee’s magic mirror forecasts great things for Elizabeth, and a prayer saved Rahere from the Grim Reaper and saw the birth of St Barts. It’s always been about wheeling and dealing in the greatest city on Earth.
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360 Domes

Dome theatres are the new frontier for immersive media intersecting film, art, sound and entertainment - transcending the limitations which still exist for virtual reality and offering a more comfortable experience.  


360 Domes can be set up in both indoor & outdoor locations. Our plan is to launch Stoney Jack's Secret London somewhere in London's Square Mile district (where the story is set) with a nationwide tour to follow.  The show will be presented in a 360 dome.  

Locations for


to be confirmed.

Supported by the Corporation of London, Enterprise England, Tate Modern, the Museum of London, the award-winning team behind this progressive and new virtual reality style experience for citizens and tourists will be unmissable family show with it's 3d immersive sound and wraparound panoramic 180 and 360 film designed by Martyn Ware from Human League and Heaven 17, a magic script by  legendary Hollywood Screenwriter Jim Hart (a favourite with Spielberg, Scorcese et al) with David Long Engish author and historian. These shows are like 'having Pink Floyd in your back yard'  cool vintage film mixed virtual and augmented reality AR MR VR time out art music weekend vibe. In the show you'll visit underground and mainstream attractions including  St Paul's  Cathedral, the Tower of London, St Bartholomew The Great church, Blackfriars, Guildhall crypt, Denis Severs House, livery company Worshipful company of Apothecaries, and more.

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